Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Girls wanna catch ghosts

Melody is 27, in love with superheroes and Sicilian sweets - who isn't ? - still looking for her own hero and ready to start her new life. But there is something else that makes Melody so special: she can see and communicate with ghosts. Maybe is not such a big deal, because both her mother and grandmother are into such a business, turning a natural gift into a daily work. Not your 9 to 5 idea of work, isn't it?
I am not at all into ghost books or supernatural hippy episodes, but this book was just too funny for not finishing it. In fact, the ghosts business goes along so well that you can end up by accepting that, maybe this is quite  a good source of humourous inspiration. In fact, I loved so much Melody's determination to fix her life that even a ghostbusting agency sounds good for a successful beginning. On the other hand, I did not approve the magic ball obsessive questioning, for even very basic decisions. Melody, are you an independent woman or what?
The book promises to be part of a longer series covering Melody's adventures, and this would be a good decision, as after finishing the book I had the feeling that I really want to follow she and her Scooby Doo kind of team for another book. And maybe another book too.
Her first assignment that she will successful finish, was of 'piecing together the history of a family fractured by jealousy and lies', and I liked the idea a lot too. However, I was a bit disappointed that this mystery part was quite slow down and not necessarily the focus of the story. Actually, in the middle of the book, when I usually expect more tension and excitement to keep me go until the end, I felt that the stories part of the bigger story were just getting lost in different directions: Melody's search for love with a handsome, more bitter than sweet local journalist while fighting the business competition of her ex-, also into the psy business; making light into the mystery ghosts' story and the efforts of setting up the business project. In fact, I accepted the ghosts' story because I love mysteries, regardless of the real nature and physical consistency of the protagonists and thus, I was waiting much more focus on this part of the story. 
Still, finding the truth of a long-hidden murder that brought more family tragedies and suffering is mission accomplished and Melody Bittersweet can congratulate herself for her first success. To be continued..
Disclaimer: Book offered by the publisher in exchange of an honest review

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