Thursday, November 18, 2010


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In between some light work, a visit to a friend and a good slice of procrastination, I was able to reach the 30k words. My pathetic novel is having many chances to start living its own life. The editing and writing is going very well, the incoherences and dadaist-wise paragraphs are hilarious and a good example that quantity simply don't function extremely efficient. I added the last 4000 words while working at the first 26 pages, and I am only at the very beginning of my story. Now I am worried that I will finally reach the 50k without reaching the end of the story. My plan is to deliver another 10k during the week-end, althouth the social and reading agenda is already full. Maybe I have to limit at maximum my social adventures for the moment. 
While procrastinating aimlessly on Twitter, I found a motto for my book, from Yeats. 
Other concerns: 
- I am terribly annoyed by the title. 
- I will need at least one week to clear my mind and look for a cover. I am a passionate photographer and I love making sketches in my spare time - the last time I dedicated to this activity was more than half a year ago, when I attended my classes in Chinese calligraphy - and even opened a month ago a blog dedicated to my journey in the world of colours, but I only posted by now the welcoming text. I am easier with words, obviously. 
I wish myself a healthy sleep of four hours and will be back tomorrow with new inspiration for my poor story. 
Good night writing world! Be back soon!
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