Thursday, November 4, 2010

Autonomous writing

Last night, as I was wondering from a blog to another, trying to find the best possible ways to promote my works and my blogs - this issue will be shortly addressed on my PR and Communications blog - I remembered that once, more than one year ago, I set up a profile on Authonomy. Funny to mention how I went back: I received an e-mail from a member of the community asking for reviewers of her new group. My bookworm tendencies couldn't resist such a temptation and wrote her back - still didn't answer, maybe I was too late. Meanwhile, I felt the need to see what it is about with this community and in less than 5 minute I was back, with a profile picture and information - including the address of this blog - uploaded. What it's Authonomy? According to the presentation of the site: an online writing community, a Harper Collins Publishers idea, enabling unpublished and self publishing writers to submit their works. You are enabled to update chapters of your entire book - including the cover - and submit it to the universal anonymous scrutiny. It is like having your own book club, but with a large overseas potential target. Because I don't want to waste any second of my writing life, I already uploaded my short children story I created during my class on children writing at the beginning of this year. And, I am ready to continue focusing for a while to finish another two writing pieces for children I have in various process of editing. I will not give up my clumsy writing world too easy. As an unpublished writer looking for the right market, this might be an opportunity to increase visibility and acquire experience, but I don't play all my cards here. 
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