Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Late start of the NaNoWriMo experience

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Late but though a start for NaNoWriMo. In only two hours, I was able to finish the recommended daily ratio of 1700 words, so theoretically I do not have to worry too much about reaching the words goal. Why I was not capable of starting, as a disciplined soldier, Monday, at 6 o'clock it is non-answerable. All I can say is that Saturday and Sunday, when I planned to do extended research for finding a subject, I was either procrastinating about my daily life, or partying somewhere in the big city or...recovering after too many glasses of red wine. It's better to be sincere, isn't it?
As for my novel...But first to say a couple of words about how I found the subject. Most specifically now, when it is time to close a couple of projects I ruminate about for the last 10 months, my mind is full of ideas and unwritten books, articles and blog posts. But, unfortunately, none of them was qualified to stimulate enough my imagination for this competition. So, today, while at gym, I had a brainstorming with my left and write part of the brain and decided to focus on some issues I was covering this year on various aspects: the online life. 
Shortly, my novel - I will finish the damn 50,000 words, promise - will be submitted under the category chick lit. In fact, it is a fiction about a woman from Germany having an online affair with a younger man from Brooklyn. The attempt to translate their hot and passionate relationship into a real-time adventure will fail, because she will leave the online world to fully dedicate to her family and boyfriend. It sounds for me as a stupid housewife story, but I think the experiment is worthy. Excepting the shopaholic books, I didn't read chick lit and the my romance reading background is non-existent. I will then try to be creative and relaxed while keeping a close eye to the grammar and coherence of the writing. In the same time, I had to focus on my other writing projects, with the same tight deadline but as long as this is the theme of this November, I will not hesitate to dedicate my time to this. I already had some little important successes with the blogging pieces I've submitted recently so the good waves are here to take me all over the rainbow of my creativity.
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