Saturday, November 13, 2010

NaNoWriMo updates

Today, I reached the 25,047 limit of words! For tomorrow and Monday I am ready to start the editing work, as I am more than convinced that my "story", I am falling in love with more and more each day, might give to the reader the first impression of a English composition of a retarded pupil. I will put on hold the jogging for quantity in the quest for the finest quality. 
- I remembered the last days of the words of Zeruya Shalev at a meeting I attended. We, the women, in comparison with the men, we don't have so much time to write continuously, as for example, six hours the day, as we have to face different home tasks. In my case, I sacrificed - again - from the time spent with the kid and with my boyfriend for reaching at least four hours of non-continuous writing per day. 
- I would like to avoid enumerations of words or too many influences from the written register. The book is based on various exchanges taking place on-line - a place where I lost the virginity of my English - and I have to find a middle way to keep a normal level of accuracy and authenticity, without wasting the space of the virtual paper with exchanges of the like: Hi, how are you? Fine, thank you! You! and so on and so forth. 
- I need to work more on some geographical descriptions - back to the documentation, as in my book there are several travels taking places, and at least in one place I never been to. I have to get in touch with my friend who was, hoping to obtain from her some life descriptions. 
- The book is structured as a diary: for each of the 12 sections I need to have approximately equal amount of action and events. 
- I don't know yet if the end would be pessimistic or optimistic. If the two main characters will go together further or if she will cynically watch him arriving from the States in the strange Western European city and will not show up, leaving him completely on his own. I am more inclined for the pessimistic way. 
- I like the rhythm and the surprising episodes I included in my story. But, though, I want to tell more, I have only two more weeks ahead and even if I will go beyond the 50,000 I am not in control of the grammar and style aspects. 
- I am thinking already about my next book: a crime/spy book taking place during the Cold War. Hope to be wise enough to start thinking about this at the beginning of 2011, after at least 20% of my writing projects for 2010 are ready. 
Time to take a break and to celebrate finishing half of the wonderful wannabe book!
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