Friday, November 5, 2010

The disadvantage of blogging

Since intensively and actively blogging on various playgrounds I consider myself one of the happiest persons in the world. Writing is my destiny and the daily postings are my anchor to keep a social profile and to improve my style. 
But...There are some serious problems here. After a long period of time while I was exclusively focused on editing and over editing my PhD thesis - and shame on me, I still discover various typo mistakes and other embarassing sentences - now I can write for hours on various topics: political science, foreign affairs, books I like, social media, writing. All those aspects are covering small slices of my vaste area of topics I am interested in. I am working hard now to acquire the technical expertise and the knowledge allowing me to make at least two of these products a source of financial benefits. And, what's the disadvantage, I might be asked? The impressive quantity of posts I am able to write during one day is not corresponding to a certain amount of quality writing I am expected to deliver in my articles and academic contributions. The lure of writing at the end of the day 10 posts overpass the need to finish one academic article, of 20 pages. Clearly enough, these articles and lengthy writing contributions are useful weapons in acquiring a future scholarship and a better job. A matter of priority, you might say. And my priority is to become courageous enough for writing in English with at least 70% of the fluency in my mother tongue. 
My plans for the week-end, beside some social events and a couple of reading: continuing writing for NaNoWriMo and proof-reviewing some articles. And, no blogging at all. I still have two hours from this day to finish the whole plan.
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