Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My NaNoWriMo updates

GEISHA IN SILHOUETTE WRITING A LETTER -- An Un...Image by Okinawa Soba via FlickrA speedy update about my NaNoWriMo status:
- I reached the given limit of words of 16,331, the reachable average after the beginning of the competition, nine days ago. I had the familiar feeling of the poor Jack London's Martin Eden, of counting over and over again the words. The biggest pressure is that I will not be able to have enough time for editing, and for this I will need at least four days. My deepest wish is to reach the 50,000 or so words in the first three weeks and then to have seven days ahead for making corrections and polishing the grammar. Today I wrote 10,000 words, which is a bit exhausting, but needed to fill the gap of my writing indifference of the last week. The good news is that I like to organization of the whole narrative and I am convinced that I am sharing very interesting experiences, I never read before. The bad news is that I am too exhausted and out of inspiration now that I am not able to continue. At least, I have one more hour ahead to test my writing with some blog posts. 
- Given all my writing assignments scheduled for this month, I am in the middle of a terrible writing mess, with a couple of articles in various stages of elaboration - the cutest ones are those with only a big inspiring title in the front of the Word page. I know that I have to play strongly all my cards and I don't have time to complain or to say "no" to the impressive volume of writing ideas and publishing possibilities. There are no "buts" in the given situation.
- The competition to reach this 50,000 words limit is very frustrating for the quality of the work. I know that I have to finish it, and in some situation I observed myself writing as a machine, words after words, a veritable example of the Dadaist and Supra realist "automatic dictation". It is like running a marathon, when you run and run and you watch every moment your watch. Me, I am obsessed watching the word count from the extreme left corner of the page.
- I saw today that I have to upload a cover too. I am very exciting about the idea of making my own covers but, by now, the time pressure was too big to have two, three or maybe more hours for being creative artists. Maybe this NaNoWriMo will open the doors for specialization in this area too. This is on the last place on my priority list though. 
And now, some technical observations carefully noted in my writing diary of the last days: 
- When you have more than two characters, be careful about their names. In my case, I discovered how the same male character was given two names in the space of ten pages. Now, for avoiding such embarrassing situations, I wrote down their names and their position within the story.
- I started to think in terms of plot and I can see, in perspective, the evolution of each character and what I have to change or not from their trajectory.
- I am still looking for the rhythm, as under the pressure of writing and writing I am in the stage of simply adding words and trying to discharge the whole history I have into my brains. As for the "voices", I don't hear them clearly, or at all. The characters are starting to get their own lives and have their own feelings and profiles, but cannot map their relations.
- The same regarding the alternation of various personal pronouns - I initially used the third person, but I found more proper for whole idea of my book to use the first person and I made the changes accordingly.
Wish me and to the other NaNoWriMo writers the best inspiring and writing week in their life!
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