Sunday, September 11, 2016

A magnificent book:The only child by Guojing

A little girl got lost and she is saved by a stag who she follows deep into a forest surrounded by clouds and miraculous light. Based on her own experience of loneliness and loss as a child in the one-child policy China, Guojing created a magnificent 112-page book of black and white graphite drawings. Words are not needed as the illustrations are powerful enough yet delicate in their strength to illustrate deep feelings of loneliness, joy and love. The lonely girl and the stag make a perfect pair, the antidote to their singularity. 
The age target of the book is from 5 years on, but it deeply resonates to any other age. It is one of those books that you love to have in your library and take it from the shelves once in a while when you just need to delight your eyes with something beautiful. 
Guojing book is a proof of the power of images beyond words and intermediate explanations. 

Guojing was present to Berlin on the occasion of the German launch of the book - translated Allein (Alone) - and signed the last Friday books in the front of the Haus der Festspiele where various discussions are held during the International Literature Festival. 

You can find more about other events taking place in Berlin these days on the occassion of the festival here. I will personally cover another even soon, discussing about censorship and the status of the writer moderated by Hertha Müller. 

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