Monday, September 19, 2016

Wild Writing Life Guest Post – Alice and Claudio’s Urban Modern-Day Florence

Welcome to my first installment of #AngelofTime book blog tour, skilfully organized by Writerly Yours Book Club. In the next days, you will read more than a post dedicated to this beautiful time travel novel where love, history and action will not let you put the books down too easyly. Although the holidays are almost over, there is always time for a good book and the more I advance with the reading the more I am tempted to keep reading and reading.
As I always find interesting to explore the genesis of books, how writers are documenting the writing particularly, I am happy to share E.Graziani experience that kindly accepted to write a guest post for WildWritingLife!
Happy reading and see you soon with a review and an author's interview too in the very next days!

A Virtual Tuscany Tour with Ali and Claudio ...

Hello to my good friend Ilana and all her followers. Many thanks for hosting me on this blog tour celebrating the launch of my newest title, the sequel to Alice of the Rocks… Alice-Angel of Time in which the conclusion of Alice and Claudio's journey is available for all to read!

The theme of the blog tour is A Virtual Tuscany Tour with Ali and Claudio ... I thought that since I recently traveled to Italy, that I would share some pics that relate directly back to my novel, Alice-Angel of Time. I hope they inspire you to pick up a copy!

I also want to send out a huge thank you to Priya Prithviraj, of Writerly Yours ( for putting all this together. This blog tour would not have happened if it were not for Priya and Jennifer Jaquith, my managing editor at Morning Rain Publishing. Go to the Writerly Yours website for a full schedule of the entire tour – there are lots of interviews, reviews and other great stuff, so you can backtrack and check out all the lovely pics and fun posts!

So now, on with the post – Alice and Claudio’s story is set in Florence (no surprise there!) I love the art, wealth of history and richness of culture that defines this ancient Italian city, which is one of the reasons I set my books there, but I also love the current vibrancy and fast-paced lifestyle. It is a hub for shopping, nightlife and tourism. The following pics will show Florence’s modern-day face as Ali and Claudio would have seen it!

The first pic is of one of Florence’s oldest streets, leading to the Ponte Vecchio – it is a Lungarno street, which means literally ‘along the Arno’, the river running through Florence. Ali and Claudio would have travelled this street to get to the Uffizzi and the Palazzo Pitti. 

The next pic is of the ‘Old Palace’ now Florence’s City Hall and an iconic presence in the main piazza – it was the home of the Medici, and Claudio before the Pitti Palace. 

The last pic is of the Porta Rossa (actually it is the Porta Romana – Porta Rossa does not exist anymore) a strategic entrance and exit that was referred to often in both novels.

I hope you enjoyed the images of modern Florence. Make sure to visit Priya’s blog at for a detailed schedule of the entire tour. Thanks for joining me on Wild Writing Life and thanks so much to Ilana for hosting - Cheers!


  1. Thank you very much for hosting the #AngelofTime blog tour with us, Ilana. :)

    1. The pleasure was mine! Looking forward to new collaborations! :)