Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bookish travel: Neue Kunst store in Osnabrück

As a vibrant university city, Osnabrück has many bookstores, many of them offering almost everyhing you want for improving your grades and your knowledge. However, there is one store that has some special books to offer, to a very specific and dedicated audience: Neue Kunst, on Redlingerstreet, quite close from the historical area, but on a sidestreet quiet enough to avoid the usual bothering. 
The store was created in 1984, and initially situated on a different location. With around 8,000 titles, from Manga to the classical Asterix and Donald Duck collection, it also has a friendly ambiance that encourage you to stay more and bring home many high-end comics.
During my short tour around, of less than 30 minutes, I noticed so many people coming and going, talking friendly with the dedicated personnel, looking for a title or two, or just around to share their impressions about the latest comic book they've read. 
Shortly, Neue Kunst is your little bookstore where you can always feel at home when far away from your home library. After all, home is where your books are, isn't it?

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