Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bookish travel: Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a very popular travel destination not only for Germans, but with visitors from all over the world. As among them there are for sure many booknerds, during my vacation in this area a couple of weeks ago, I made a short tour to discover local authors and the life of bookstores.
I did not need to walk too far away to find them. In just 30 minutes, I covered the ones and only two important ones. There are close to the touristic center and cover more than one room.
Deine Buchhandlung on Hödergasse 31 has an impressive amount of books in German, the latest titles you can find in any important bookstore in the big cities. The English section is very underrepresented though, but according to the lady in charge with the sales, it is the result of the low demand. In general, during the summer maximum 10 books in English are sold, so apparently no need to develop this section as for now. The offer of books for children is also rich so your little ones will not get bored during the trip.
Buchdiscount on the same street, Hödergasse, at no. 21, looks even much more attractive in terms of titles, and there is even an English version of a book about Bavarian kitchen. Authors from the region as Petra Klausner and Uwe Klausner are well represented. The biggest problem seems to be the taciturn shop owner who, after seeing me taking notes about the titles and authors presents without buying anything, asked me on a hauty voice: 'So, you are doing my inventory, now?'.
The conclusion of my trip is: if you are not speaking German, you better bring some Kindle version or physical books with you. If you speak German, be sure to have some space for books left in the luggage. 

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