Friday, September 23, 2016

Alice Angel of Time Blog Tour: Why you should read this book

 Alice - Angel of Time Blog Tour - #AliceofTime - continues today with a review of the series. If you are looking for an interesting, page turning YA Novel, this is the best choice. Personally, I've read them in two separate days, too curious to see how things are unfolding to go to sleep.
The book tour will continue with an interview with author Ed Graziani, ready to be published the next week! Stay tunned!

                                                       A love from another century

Meet Claudio and Eliza, in the 16th century Florence, whose encounter and love is highly impossible. She is a scullery maid, he is a count, who would imagine them together? Slowly paced at the beginning, the story is becoming more and more mysterious, once we are introduced to the world of the 2029 Alice and her encounter with the handsome Claudio, in Tuscany. She came from her hometown of Toronto to visit relatives and ends up caught into the layers of time and historical intrigues. Because Eliza and Alice are the same person, only a couple of centuries distance. Claudio will convince her of the outstanding destiny and his journey through centuries - using a sophisticated portal developped by the curious Leonardo da Vinci. Together, they return to Florence to render justice. Alice will not only remember her former adventures, but is definitely in love with Claudio, that she has to leave for returning, alone, in her century. I particularly appreciated, besides the love story where the words are so well chosen that you actually feel the deep feeling love of the two of them, without using too much sweetness and kitsch adornments, the interesting scientific references to various space-time variations. The historical ambiance is accurately and carefully described, introducing the young adult reader to a world that might look very unattractive in the history books. The messages regarding women rights and discrimination is also elegantly spread. I only found a bit relatively uninteresting and not too spectacular the 2029 references, incredibly similar with our 2016 times. 

Even if you didn't read the first book of the installment, you have enough references to understand and love Alice Angel of Time too. I personally did at least as much as I appreciated the first book. This time, Claudio and Alice/Eliza are meeting on the other end of the century, as Alice decided to return back in time to bring Claudio with her. Sophisticated references to time travel machines and challenging physics experiments abund, even more as in the first part. The pace starts slow, but ends up with a lot of page turning surprises, until the very ending. Will Alice succeed to save Claudio's life, who was mean to be killed according to the famous Castiglione chronicle of court events? How will she turn back home in her century ? Can history be changed as easily? In addition to the messages of gender equality from the first volume, there are interesting ethical amd moral questions regarding the human nature. It is possible to forgive the bad deeds? How much you can trust someone declaring its desire to repent? 
Overall, I've found that both books to have a story to tell, and the historical and scientific context is created with care and using smart references. The writing is also good and personally, I am looking for more novels by Ed Graziani, either YA historical time travel or just good writing in general.

Rating: 4 stars
Disclaimer: Books offered by the author in exchange of an honest review


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  2. Great review, Ilana. Once again, thank you very much for hosting the #AngelofTime blog tour with us. :)