Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bookish travel: Where to buy books in Augsburg

As a dedicated traveller and travel writer, but also a born booknerd, I love to discover not only the history and culture of a place, but also to pay visit to various bookstores, in order to discover local writers and get a glimpse into the reading tastes in a specific place. While in Augsburg this summer, I used my time to have a look at some bookstores. My short-listed destinations for book lovers are as follows:
Situated close to the historical Rathaus - Cityhall, on Annastrasse 20, quite a busy shopping avenue, Schlosser'sche Buchhandlung is a destination for book lovers in this city since 1716. You can find here the best and well awarded books in Germany, alongside international bestsellers, mostly in German translations. I particularly appreciated the rich repertoire of art books. The ambiance is up to the expectations, a very high-end place where book lovers are inspired and guided to find their beloved matched ones books.
As everywhere in Germany, classical bookstores as are also present, but also regional chains, such as the one-storey Bücher Pustet, from Karolinenstrasse, near the Rathaus. The network is also present in other big cities in the area, such as Regensburg and Augsburg. 
If you dream of getting lost into the lecture of a book, with a cup of coffee and some fine pastry near you, Kolonial is the perfect destination. It is situated on the relatively quiet and discrete Mittlerer Lech street and has a fine selection not only of great books, but also of teas and coffees. It offers an intimate ambiance and a being-at-home exquisite feeling. 

What about you, what are your favourite Augsburg bookstores?

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