Friday, September 30, 2016

Writers secrets: Ed Graziani about her time travel novels

You probably know alreasy Ed Graziani from my latest Alice - Angel of Time Blog Tour. After the book reviews and the guest post by Ed, I am back with an interview where she shares her writers secrets and the inspiration. 
PS Thanks again to Writerly Yours for the introduction and the opportunity to get in touch with beautiful books and an inspiring author!
Photos are from Ed Graziani archives.

- What was your inspiration for the Alice' books?

It’s actually quite funny and rather thoughtful at the same time. I was rummaging through my basement cleaning it out one day, when I found an old university essay on ‘Women and the Renaissance’ – my daughters were at an age where their television female idols were questionable – so I decided to write about a 21st century girl who travels back in time to 1512 Florence. I wanted to compare life as women know it now and how it was back them – quite different in terms of freedom, parity to men, etc. I wanted to spark an appreciation for the gains women have made but at the same time entertain.

- How are you usually preparing the historical background?

With much research! I needed to research the timeline of which Medici existed at which time, what was happening in Florence then and when da Vinci happened to be there, too. I also had to research lifestyle, customs, social hierarchy, dress…, even food, to make the book as authentic as possible.

- What is the most difficult part of writing time travel novels?

Probably making it believable, even though the premise is totally outrageous. I didn’t want Alice to just walk into a time-warp in a field or something. I just think my audience is smarter than that. I wanted the science fiction to be rooted in science fact. I felt it had to be so, in order for it to be convincing.

- What are your next writing plans?

I’ve just finished up a multiple edit on my latest novel, ‘Breaking Faith’ which will be released in the Spring of 2017. I’m really excited about this one. It’s a little different than ‘Alice’ in that it is realistic fiction. I do have another book on the back burner, but that’s a long way from being done.

- What is your recommendation for a beginner writer?

I believe that one really must love what they’re writing in order for it to be any good. Write in the genre you love, because your audience can tell when you’re not being true to them. Also, read… a lot! If you read you’ll be a better writer. And don’t be afraid to write from the heart – just write what comes to you – you can always edit later. You can’t edit if there is nothing on the page!

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