Saturday, September 23, 2017

Children Book Review: The Star of Kazan by Eva Ibbotson

Abandoned as a child and found by accident in a church by two maids to a family of Austrian professors in Vienna, Annika was always dreaming about finding - or being found miraculously by -  her real mother. Far for being ungrateful for the life she was offered, but she was curious and hoped that the mystery of her birth will be revealed. She was ready to forget everything about being abandoned only to have the chance to meet her.
But take care what do you wish for. One day, exactly as in her dreams, an elegant lady is arriving at the professors' door, loaded with a noble title, a lot of documents proving the family connections and the promise of a glamorous future in Germany. With a broken heart, she is leaving those who were her closest family from birth while optimistically looking forward to her bright future. But things are not what are not supposed to happen as planned this time, and the more time Annika is spending in her new environment, the more suspicions arise. A curious and good nature, she is easily finding friends in any circumstances, as her new social status and condition doesn't change her dramatically.
The last episodes are deem of a fast-forward mystery, with some hilarious, but also some sad episodes and incredible adventures.
Probably I haven't read a classical children book with a touch of history for a long time, but although I am trying to come along with the new mindsets and styles, there is the old adventures' books which will always have my heart. Fast paced, with characters which you either love or hate, faced to make choices in face of adversity, The Star of Kazan is the perfect read for children passionate about history, adventures and a drop of mystery, looking for characters to fall in love with. It is the kind of book whose stories and heroes are staying with you longer after the book is finished, regardless the age. 
As it was my first encounter with Eva Ibbotson, I would probably continue reading her books.

Rating: 4 stars

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