Saturday, December 23, 2017

A Night in the Life of Mr. Owliver

Mr. Owliver is the watchman at the Animaltown Art Museum, where famous works by equally famous painters such as Jan van Duck or Vincent van Goat can be admired. Those painters and their works are part of his every night and practically he cannot wait to be left alone with his favorite painted VIPs, Mona Lizard among them. 
When he is coming to work one night, which is happen to be his birthday, Mr. Owliver've found out that all of them disappeared. What happened to them? Will they ever be back? seems that Mr. Owliver will have one masterpiece of a birthday after all...
This loveable book with equally loveable characters is a delight for both the adult and the child. The animal equivalent of some real life painters are just hilarious and so are the representations of their works. That being said, I loved the illustrations very much, as the visual part of a children's book is as important as the text. 
Convincing pre-teens to go to an art museum might be as difficult as painting a masterpiece, but books like this can at least promise to the little stubborn ones that after all it may be some fun hidding behind those paintings though. In a funny non-lecturing way, it can bring children close to art and the art history timeline at the end of the book offers some good guidelines through the various ages and histories. 

Rating: 5 stars
Disclaimer: Book offered by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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