Thursday, December 14, 2017

My Reading's Block and How to Fight It

My last ten days were rally hard for my reading life. After quite a successful reading year, with a lot of small but steady achievements for my blog and a serious progress towards achieving my Goodreads goals for 2017, my reading simply slowed down. Terribly down. I had to return a lot of books to my library and I struggle to finish a relatively simple book for a couple of weeks already. 
Although I am reading every day at least 50 pages, my reading is rather hectic, with a very limited focus and without that inner passion for finishing the book and even more, reviewing it. On my other blogs, I keep writing and posting regularly, including posts with a bookish content, but I am definitely lacking the passion and dedication I am used with in the rest of the year. It could be fatigue and just the need to take a step away from books and spend my time instead planning my next business and bloggins steps, preferably with a clear knife sharp mind. It seems that no book is interesting enough for my tired bookish taste buds to get me out of my boring shell. And my list of books is as big as the Towr of Babel, with a lot of ARCs and books for review, plus my own list of titles that I decided to have a look at.
Meanwhile, I finally started the writing for four different projects, that I had in my mind for at least one year but always too busy with my baby boy and other important challenges to gather myself coherently enough to start the documentation. All four of them are non-fiction books and will be ready hopefully in the first half of 2018, allowing me to spent the rest of the year with some fiction projects.
Perhaps definitory for my reading stage is the fact that I do have quite a lot of projects on my desk, but a very limited amount of free time. My baby is growing up and is becoming more and more demanding both in terms of energy and time, therefore when he is finally in the world of dreams, I am so tired that I rather prefer to rest than to keep myself busy with my editorial projects. While during the day, I can hardly breath and properly think. It is obviously a hard stage, of the many and soon there will be other challenges. Therefore, I better improve my time management skills and start getting things done. 
At a great extent, writing about my struggles as a reader and not only about my books and authors that I love - or not - is part of a greater plan I envision for the next 12 months, of creating a more diverse content for WildWritingLife, which will touch upon many other aspects of the writing world and publishing industry as well. 
Maybe it is just about time to call it a day and get ready for an outperforming weekend, trying to get more than 4 books done and their reviews and even more blog posts for the next days.
Happy reading!

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