Friday, January 5, 2018

An Inspiration for Writers in 2018: WriteNOW Cards

Frances M. Thompson, a beautiful writer I've featured on my blog more than once, launched recently an inspiring project aimed at offering to writers support during the ups and downs of the writing process. WriteNOW Cards brings drop or two of inspiration when it seems that the words are simply lost on their way to creating that novel or short story or poem you always wanted to publish.   
The elegant, colourful and full of inspiration business-cards shaped are available in two different packages: full pack of 50 - the Classic Collection - and the 10 Cards - the MINI Classic Collection. Each has written a small encouraging text aimed at creating that positive ambiance any writer needs before starting to create a world out of words. 
I personally made the following exercise. For each day, I set the message of one of the cards as the direction for the day. As a busy blogger and mother and small business owner, I juggle with many hats in less than 8 hours, therefore, although the writer's block usually avoids me, I do have moments when I just need to get the focus back for putting together two sentences - with a noisy baby tantrum background more than once. One of my favorite quote is: 'I respect that there are many stages in my writing journey and I welcome each one'. Or, one more: 'I confront all the obstacles I meet as I write. They do not stop me writing'. Or: 'When I write, I belong'. Actually, it is hardly any of the cards that do not suit a certain state of mind or small or big obstacle encountered in the writing process. 
If you are looking for a boost to your writing, WriteNOW Cards is the right help for every day. You can also follow it on Twitter and Instagram, with additional details about orders and other practical details.

Disclaimer: The cards were sent to me by the Frances M. Thompson for review purposs, but the opinions are, as usual, my own

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