Friday, January 5, 2018

Bookchoice, the app for your monthly reading

When I had my first smart phone, the first thing I started to download, besides Instagram, were: Kindle and a couple of reading apps. Although to see the writing on the small screen was not the best alternative for my eyes, I kept reading and reading because it was the best entertainment I got during long commuting to work. Since then, I already switched my Kindle for the table and I keep adding more and more interesting apps for me and my bookish baby boy.
A couple of months ago, Bookchoice was advertised as part of a Vodafone Germany special offer and I was curious to find out what it is all about, as it is interesting to discover how many companies, especially in the field of mobile companies are embracing a bookish-oriented perspective.  
During various exchanges of e-mail with the representatives of the team in charge with Bookchoice, I was given details about the specific offer, through which the user is offered every month a number of eight books for a 3.99 EUR. per month. The initial contract is available for one year and it can be renewed afterwards. The books are available in both audio and e-book formats with the app suited for both smartphones and tablets. 
The number of books was based on researches made of the Bookchoice team, and the experience gathered in other countries where the app is still operational. As for now, Bookchoice was previously used in Spanish-speaking lands and will be soon available for the UK public. The team is looking permanently to improve and develop relationships with various edition houses and authors for creating a better selection and representativity of genres, the Bookchoice representative said. 

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