Sunday, April 9, 2017

Book review: What to do about the Solomons?

Meet the Solomons, a tragi-comical collection of characters, born in Israel and breed by the free spirit of the kibbutz. They play with chances, fell down, have a joint and got lost in another adventure. 
The pace of the writing is so alert that at the end of the book you feel like you've read more than one book. And, in fact, it is almost true as this saga which starts at the beginning of the state of Israel and continues until the common era of start-ups and hipsters is a story with so many other stories, wisely controlled by the author. 
One of the most admirable part of the book is the art of perfectly describing in just a couple of words extreme situations and mentally mysterious characters. Like this one: 'Asaf Boulboulim is a Zen Buddhist peace activist who grew up religious in Mea Shearim. He is a drop out of Bezalel Academic when he had studied sculpture'. Hard to stop laughing out loud and loud, and he is just one of the many personalities of the book. The human network of the book is dense and populated with unforgettable characters.
There is also something else about this book: it is authentic and although it might feature extreme situations and families, many of them can be meet in real life too, in a kibbutz in the North or on the beaches of Goa or even in some of the hipster places in Tel Aviv or USA. 
'What to do about the Solomons? The Solomons will do for themselves'.
It is a book hard to put down and once it's over, you may still think about the characters. 
An interesting debut novel which promises many more interesting books.

Rating: 4 stars

Disclaimer: Book offered by the publisher in exchange for an honest review
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