Thursday, May 21, 2020

PM Press is Looking for Your Crime and Thriller Fiction Novel

Have you finally finished that awesome thriller novel of yours during lockdown and keen to see it published? We have great news for you!

PM Press, a Kindle-First imprint of Holland House Books, was founded in April 2020 by Phaidra Robinson and Mia Skevington, out of their love for true crime and detective fiction. Specialized in crime, thriller and dystopian fiction, this new edition house is looking for fresh new manuscripts for a chance to be published as one of their founding book releases. All crime and thriller fiction styles are welcomed: from whodunit to police procedurals, classic noir, dystopian novels and mind-bending psychological thrillers. High-quality and smart writings are always welcomed!

This is their official Call for Submissions:

If you have a completed novel or novella which you believe may fit, then send us:
1) The first fifty pages of your work.

2) A synopsis of your work (maximum two pages).
3) A covering letter with a brief overview – we do NOT need you to do a brilliant ‘pitch’ or the kind of blurb which would go on the back of the book. The basic story, main character(s) and the general themes is all we need.
These documents should be Word Documents, size 12 in a standard font, with a line spacing of 1.5.

Please email us at and address them to the Editor Phaidra Robinson.

You can find PM Press also on social media:

Good luck, writers!