Friday, May 29, 2020

Nicole Lapin´s Advice for Becoming Super Woman

´It´s your life. Live it how you want. I´m not going to judge you for what that looks like because after all, I´m not the one whjo has to wake up to your life every morning´.
I liked a lot the Nicole Lapin, the Boss Bitch recommending the 12-Step Plan to Take Charge of Your Career. Successful, brave, business-oriented, non-stop working to reach her medium-, short- and long-term goals. However, I love even more the Super Woman Nicole Lapin from her latest book.
Becoming Super Woman starts with a Nicole Lapin coping with a traumatic past and burned out. Superwoman needs to separate the ´super´ from the ´woman´. The new woman is emotional, able to recognize her weaknesses and brave enough to say ´stop´ when too much is too much. Organising her life around five basic categories - Career, Romance, Family&Friends, Physical Health, Emotional Wellness - the Super Woman who is about to become balances her emotions with the intellect, switching in a completely new direction her entire life. 
Introducing the emotional intelligence quotient adds a completely different depth into the everyday life: ´For instance, emotional intelligence gives you the ability to recognize that your emotions are heading downhill before they get out of control, while mental wellness makes it easier to access that awereness and gives you the resources to act on it´. Through journaling, therapy and daily exercise and practice, one can change his or her level of emotional intelligence with positive effects on the entire conundrum of the everyday life - and wellness.
As in her previous books, Nicole Lapin writes in a very structured, organised way, with practical advices and easy steps to follow. Through persistent daily practice, one will learn how to negotiate boundaries, how to balance the work and personal relationships, how to create realistic work schedule, when and for how long to take a break and how to wor efficiently instead of just being ´busy´ all the time.
´Being a Super Woman isnt´t about calling it a victory and hanging up your cape. It´s about living with your battle wounds proudly displayed and feeling strong enough to live a full life, even if that means you risk adding more scars´.
Making mistakes is fine, not being always a winner is always fine. Surviving your own failures and assuming the risk of your life is the best asset you can have. Becoming Super Woman is a matter of greatness and this is what you, and me, and you too, deserves.

Rating: 4 stars
Disclaimer: Book offered by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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