Friday, April 3, 2020

Film Review: The Breadwinner

Inspired by a series of books by the Canadian writer and activist Deborah Ellis, the 2018 Oscar nominated The Breadwinner tells the story of a family living in the Taliban-besieged Kabul. 
Parvana is the heart of the story, that assumed the role of the breadwinner of her family, after her father, a disabled teacher, was took to prison. While she used to spend the day with her father, trying to sell things on the streets, the storytelling about history and geography were the antidote of the gloomy and violent reality outside. Once her father was took away, Parvana keeps living through this stories either when she is putting her younger brother to sleep or when she is waiting for an answer regarding the release of her father from prison. In a sea of hopefulness and violence - with women and girls one of the main targets -, her innocence, despite all odds, is enlightening the day. 
I´ve found the animation inspired, and it uses elements of traditional imagery for the area. The choice of music is also appropriate and adds dramatism to the scenes featured.
The books the film is based were written by Deborah Ellis following her interviews with Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Ellis herself was threatened by the Taliban for her activism and involvement on behalf of the women.
A co-production of Canada, Ireland and Luxemburg, the film is directed by Nora Tworney, Irish animator, producer and director. 
The movie lasts 1h33 and is available on Netflix (I watched it from Germany).

Rating: 5 stars

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