Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Introducing: Bookish Lifestyle and Movie/Theatre/Concerts Reviews

My lovely bookish blog, WildWritingLife is celebrating this autumn 10 years of adventures in the world of books. Each and every one of this year was rich in discovering new books and authors, expanding and improving my writing skills and challenging myself with new literay ideas. 
Not all years were equal though. Although I don´t remember a day when I was not reading a book, I was not always keen to share my ideas, and sometimes I had to take a break from blogging for a stronger focus on my everyday life chores and adventures. The past is history, but it is important to outline that every time I come back fortified, with a better bookish mindset, determined to continue my adventure in the world of books.
From a blog post to another, I tried to make the blog more open to the diversity of voices and genres, reviewing both fiction and non-fiction, interviewing authors and edition houses owners, trying to cover as much as possible as many global voices as possible, in an attempt to not miss any country in the world where books are written and published. From thrillers to graphic novels, I tried to represent as many genres as possible (although I need to focus a bit more on Science Fiction, not necessarily a favorite of mine, but I have to give it more than a try). I tried to cover as well books about writing and dedicated to helping authors to spread the news about their books through social media and blogging, among other topics. 
There is still a lot of diversity to be added to the blog, as I am planning to use in a more organised way my rich linguistic heritage for reading as much as possible books in the original languages I am familiar with - or I am interested to improve. 
Being more active in connecting with other bookish minds is also an aim, as it is to be a more frequent participant to book tours, as a very efficient way to help authors and their books to get known to a wider audience.
New sections were introduced in the last years, as my travel blogging consulting business expanded: Bookish travel, where I am featuring bookstores, memorial houses of authors and libraries encountered during my travels. Hopefully, once the Coronavirus crisis will be over, I can have more material for this section.
However, I still feel that there are some aspects of the bookish life that are still left behind in my blog, and I am ready to accept a new challenge. Or two.

Bookish Lifestyle

Living a life surrounded by books means that there are a lot of rituals and specific needs that you have to fulfill. You need bookshelves and enough space for your precious books. You need your cosy corner where to retire for a page-turning adventure. You need apps and devices to accompany your bookish commuting, when your book is too heavy or when you are looking for better ways to the newest books released on the market.
You may also want some identity markers that will share your bookish identity with the rest of the world: T-shirts, a coffee mug, some cosy socks, a tote with a quote from your favorite author. 
This is your choice of a bookish lifestyle and from this month on, I am starting to dedicate more time researching companies and ideas that suite this trend. I am happy to connect with creators and entrepreneurs, designers and creative minds with achievements and inspiration in this field. At this preliminary stage, any ideas are more than welcomed and I am very excited to embark on this new adventure.

Movie/Theatre/Concerts Reviews

I love both theatre and movies, but unfortunatelly in the last years my encounters in this field were rather sporadic. Lack of time, lack of interest, other professional assignments, my own procrastinations, there are few of the reasons why I am still very bad at catching up with movies and even less familiar with the latest theatre trends.
This year, this is about to change. 
I am introducing a new section on the blog dedicated to reviews of interesting and hopefully inspiring theatre productions. My aim is to cover classical movies, inspired by books but not only, not necessarily successful Netflix/HBO series, but also good entertainment productions, covering as many national cinemas as possible. For theatre, until the normal social life is back on the track, I will look for online resources.
As for now, everything is only a project, I may include in this section various cultural documentaries and contemporary cultural debates.
Last but not least, let´s talk music. As for now, writing about music - opera, concerts - is one of the hardest challenge for me. I rarely did and I am feeling an outsider when it comes to music writing. I feel the need to restart my own musical training - time to get back to my piano lessons that I abandoned for very personal reasons two decades ago - but also want to reconnect with my music soul. How exactly I will share this new passion on the blog, I don´t know, but I will start very small and see where everything leads me.
In other words, April starts with a lot of good news and can´t wait to start sharing with my readers this new intellectual adventure. 

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