Tuesday, April 7, 2020

New from Monica Bhide: Powered by Hope (Sound Bites)

My very talented friend Monica Bhide is back with a series of inspirational stories aimed to offer comfort and hope in time of crisis. Putting at work her unique talent of storyteller, she brings to life old symbols and meanings that suit the soul independently of the geographical and time borders. Powered by Hope. Running on Belief promises  and, at least in this first episode, delivers, a spiritual take on the hardships of life, either at the society level or at the personal level. 
I am a recent convert to audio content and the less than 20 minutes 1 episode offers the right dosage of peace and gratitude. It gives to the listener enough food for thought to come over and over again and catch up with the story again and again. The secret of telling a good story that Monica Bhide is so good at.
The series are available for free on Soundcloud. The cover image is created by another inspirational woman, in the visual field, Simi Jois.
I can´t wait to listen the next episodes of this soul journey.

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