Thursday, April 16, 2020

Tesla Travels in Central America

Road trip with a Tesla from America to Panama? Why not? Two courageous Americans, one of them Randy Denmon, proved for the first time that such an adventure is doable. All you need is a lot of courage, some good green money for the tips, 10 to 12 hours of driving the day, plus the motor-less Tesla car.
From Louisiana to the Panama Canal in an electric car, that needs to be charged, this is the journey documented in Off the Grid. Travel lovers looking for details and picturesque descriptions from the countries crossed - Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and finalla Panama - will be a bit (more) disappointed though.
Indeed, there are some observations about landscape and local customs, but most of the interactions are taking place at the borders, when some adventures - not all of them of the pleasant type - awaits, and at the hotels, when looking for some proper charging facilities. The travellers do hurry up to reach their goal or just trying to move fast to escape potential robbery or dangerous encounters with the local organised crime cartels. Some historical details, mostly in connection with the recent history American intrusions and the nefarious United Fruit Company economic presence.
And there are plenty of details about how Tesla works, for how long, what exactly needs to work - electricity, mostly. I am almost convinced that this is what I need for my incoming - lockdown-free journeys around the world.
Take it or leave it, Off the Grid is a story of an unique journey, testing the technical limits of a new, healthier for the environment type of car. The trip was not promoted by Tesla.

Rating: 3 stars
Disclaimer: Book offered by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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