Thursday, April 23, 2020

Inca Cat Book Detective Series

A bunch of cats are on a business visit in Russia, accompanying their humans to some French cheese tasting. There is at least one reason to be there, besides some travel adventure: connecting with their family, as the kitties are of the Siberian breed. Their schedule includes a visit to Moscow and St. Petersburg, in a moment when a very precious Fabergé egg was mysteriously stolen. No clues, no suspects, nothing.
But those kitties are not the ´normal´ kind. They are leading a detective office and their Russian adventures are only one episode of a long line of investigative success. They really deserve their slice of delicious cheese, as they work hard, smart and with great results, against all odds. (Ok, a doggie helped too and there is also a robot that is doing some good deeds).
The Case of the Missing FabergĂ© Egg is the 9th installment from the series, but even if you start with it, there is no problem in following the story. The cats are funny and curious enough to catch your interest regardless the age, they do interact with other representative of the animal realm along the way and although the start is a bit slow, the end is epic and suspenseful. 
The vocabulary and the construction of the story are appropriate for the upper elementary children and even a grown up will appreciate some relaxing cat-related content.
The animals characters are kind, with good intentions and sometimes badly manipulated by evil humans. Empathy normal as the author is involved in various animal protection projects.
My biggest disappointment is the quality of the illustrations. The cover looks good, but the interior of the books deserves a better visual outlook. 
There are more information about other titles from the series on the dedicated website:
The books were translated also in other languages: Mandarin, German and Spanish. 
I will personally give more than another chance to other books from the series, because it´s always relaxing to have some good detective read.

Rating: 3 stars

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